Supplier Discovery
Our growing database of suppliers in Sub-Sahara Africa provides access to more than 15,000 suppliers in over 200 products and services categories. Buyers gain access to a wide range of information provided by the suppliers including contact addresses, commodities, past projects, company profiles etc and these allow buyers to be able to make informed decisions before engaging the suppliers. Our pre-qualification solution, implemented through software templates of the RFI module, is an easy to use, automated process of discovering new suppliers and evaluating those you have existing relationships with. The module can be used in the information gathering and strategy selection phase of your strategic sourcing process.

Catalog Management
Our Catalog and Order Management solutions help organizations to add transparency to their sourcing processes, reducing maverick spending and increasing cost savings. With these solutions, approved vendors can dynamically load their product catalogs at negotiated and approved prices such that users within the Buyer organization can make purchases at approved price points. The embedded approval workflow ensures that proper controls are in place to give an oversight on who is buying and what is being bought.

Online sourcing offers the greatest sets of benefits for buyers and suppliers including lower cost of ownership, transparency, quick and efficient collaboration. Our solution offers sourcing through online RFPs and Auction solutions that have been adapted to cater for the unique infrastructure challenges in our markets. Our mobile-ready solution ensures that suppliers can respond to sourcing requests and participate in online auctions on their mobile devices on the go.
In our reserve price reverse auction, the buyer establishes a "reserve/target price" which is the maximum amount the buyer hopes to pay for the good or service. If the bidding does not reach the "reserve price", the buyer is not obligated to award the business based on the results of the auction. Once the reserve price is met, the buyer is obligated to award the business to a participating supplier.
Our Yankee reverse auction provides the buyer tools to solicit bids for a lot consisting of multiple units of the same item. Each supplier can bid on part of the lot at a fixed price (per unit). When the auction is over, the buyer takes the lowest priced bids, in ascending order, until a full lot is reached. Our decision optimizer can be used to arrive at the optimal award scenario.

Supplier Information and Performance Management
Our SIPM module provides a comprehensive solution for managing, the sometimes complex, supplier information. It provides a document management system that allows Buyers to track information pertaining to each vendor that the organization deals with. You can create partitions and document structure for registration, prequalification, presentations and other relevant documents that show a timeline of interactions with suppliers. The Performance management solution allows an objective and collective assessment of suppliers by various stakeholders in the organizations. KPIs are clearly defined and supplier’s performance is tracked against those KPIs, making it clear for the procurement organization to take actionable and corrective measures where applicable.